All you need to know about GYRE

Get Your Rimini Experience is a format by Promozione Alberghiera, with the aim of creating and promote different travel and holiday experiences in Rimini and in the Romagna region through the worldwide travelers’ participation.

20 travelers, who in 4 thematic game experiences (Food & Wine, Sea & Sun, Art & Lifestyle, Outdoor & Wellness), will compete to create, narrate and promote the best holiday to live in Rimini and Romagna.

But what is GYRE?

Get Your Rimini Experience is a tour of Romagna and, at the same time, an engaging challenge between 4 teams. Each team will build and narrate a travel itinerary on a specific theme and will also have the difficult task of being able to convince the largest number of people to book and therefore bring new travelers to the territory.

Can I take part in the project?

Of course, maybe we really need you! To give life to GYRE we are looking for 20 players including Social Influencers, Videomakers / YouTubers, Bloggers, Photographers and Local Guides. To find out if you can be part of the game, you have just to read the challenge rules and check the application requirements.

How and when can I apply?

Applications will be open from 25th October 2018 till the 31st of March 2019. To apply, you can start here.
Make sure to do not forget to read the challenge rules, it contains useful information that you will need if you are selected for the race phase!

How does the Game Experience take place?

This is the funniest part! For each team we will assign a theme and a “game rules” book called “game experience”. The themes will be: Art & Lifestyle, Sea & Sun, Outdoor & Wellness and Food & Wine. The Game Experience describes the goals to be achieved, travel information required, resources to discover, local experiences to enjoy, mysteries to solve and a list of multimedia contents to be produced to narrate the entire travel and vacation experience.

When you will receive the game experience, following the information received, the teams will have one month to create a thematic itinerary that, between Rimini and Romagna, have to respect the goals to be reached and the unforeseen events to be overcome.

Each participant will receive a personal discount code to be communicated to their communities through which, people can book services, activities, and itineraries.

When will the tour take place?

The challenge will take place in two phases: two teams will compete from 5th to 7th June 2019 (Outdoor & Wellness and Food & Wine) and the other two will compete from 12th to 14th June 2019 (Art & Lifestyle and Sea & Sun).

Who will win?

A jury of experts will decide it. The experience of the 4 teams will be judged by evaluating the itinerary created, the contents produced and the amount of people encouraged to book services or packages through the discount code promoted on social networks.

Is there a prize?

Every respectable challenge has a final prize! The winning team, chosen based on the parameters of evaluation indicated in the challenge rules, will receive a cash prize of 5.000 euros (five thousand), divided equally among the 5 players that make it up. In addition, there is an additional bonus for the player who will be able to convince the largest number of people to book experiences in Romagna through its discount code.

HOW DO YOU FEEL? Are you ready to become one of the player of Get Your Rimini Experience?

Ooops! Applications are closed!
Stay tuned and follow us to find out the GYRE's travellers!


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